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The SRCD Latino Caucus is comprised of a group of child development researchers dedicated to engaging in and disseminating high quality research with Latino children, youth, and families. Members will benefit from the upcoming newsletters and website, as well as conference events such as research panels about key issues related to key linguistic and cultural considerations for Latino children and families. In addition, a number of networking events are available through mentoring lunches, career fairs, and receptions.

Member Spotlights

Rosalie Corona

The sense of family that is deeply rooted in this Caucus is what I have always appreciated as a member. You may not know someone, but you see that t-shirt or the tag on people’s badges and you immediately feel a solidarity and connection to that person. You know you have found someone who “speaks your language” and who “gets” the research you are doing and that you are passionate about. In this group, there is no need to explain why what we do matters. Instead, we are given a place to exist and a voice.

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